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Eating in the Evening- Tips to Stop Eating in the Evening

Tips to Stop Eating in the Evening

Eating in the evening is a problem that many women over 40 have written to me about over the years.  Each of these women has come to me seeking help, and each of them has a different story and a different set of circumstances that they have to deal with.  What they have all had in common is that they cannot stop eating in the evening and they all want to lose weight.

If you have spent any amount of time dieting, you know how difficult it is to stick to that diet all day long.  The hours at work, or dealing with your daily activities, probably are not that difficult, but inevitably, there comes a point in the day when you are no longer busy and get a chance to relax.  The most common time for this to occur is later in the evening. 

It makes sense that after starving yourself all day long, once you get a moment to relax your body automatically turns to food.  If you are one of the many women over 40 looking to lose weight and struggle with eating in the evening, here a few tips that may help you forget about those late night cravings, and get you into those jeans you have been working so hard to do.

Eating in the Evening- Find something to do with Your Hands

Many women over 40 have told me that one of the biggest reasons they find themselves eating in the evening is because they have nothing to do.  When you settle in to watch television for the night a good way to make sure that you do not reach for that bag of chips is to keep your hands busy.  If you enjoy needlework this is a great time to pursue your hobby and help keep you away from the food. 

It has been shown in numerous studies that the busier you are, the less you think about food.  Keeping your hands and your mind busy makes it more difficult for those late night cravings to sneak into your head.

Eating in the Evening- Join a Group

There are many support groups available for women over 40 trying to lose weight.  Many support groups gather later in the evenings, cutting down on the time your mind has to tell you to reach for the piece of cake.  Joining a support group is not a magic pill, when you are sitting at home you still need to keep yourself occupied or you will still find yourself eating in the evening and throwing your plans to lose weight off the tracks. 

The real benefit of women over 40 joining a support group comes from the accountability to the group you come to feel.  Right now when you feel the urge to eat at night the only person you have to answer to is yourself.  By joining a support group designed to help you lose weight, you have an entire room of people you will have to answer too, making the choice to pick up that bag of chips all the more difficult.

Eating in the Evening- Set Rules

Setting rules for themselves is a way that many women over 40 have been able to stop eating in the evening.  If you have tried to lose weight for years and had little success, setting, and sticking, to rules is a good way to help you get rid of the pounds you want to shed. 

One woman recently wrote to me and told me that the trick to helping her overcome eating late at night was to set a rule that she would eat nothing after seven in the evening.  In order to help her stick to the rule, everyday that she broke it, she had to put $5 into a jar that she could not touch until she had met her weight loss goal. 

Naturally, you do not have to follow the same guidelines, but this woman found that losing $5 was a painful enough experience for eating in the evening.  She did break her rule a few times in the beginning, but she paid up and tried to do better the next day.  After her first two weeks, she never broke the rule again.  When she had finally met her weight loss goal, she put the money towards her new clothing purchases.  Setting rules and having consequences for breaking those rules can help you eliminate your late night eating.

If you are one of the women over 40 who are struggling with eating in the evening, the suggestions above may help you overcome those urges.  Your intentions are in the right place and your journey to a healthier and fit life is important.  Keep doing what you are doing during the day, and tweak some of the things you do at night, and the weight will begin to fall off.  Take the steps necessary to make your journey a success.



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