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Late Night Cravings- How to Overcome Your Late Night Cravings

Overcome Your Late Night Cravings

One of the biggest problems that women over 40 have to overcome in their journey to lose weight is late night cravings. If you suffer from the midnight munchies, you know the havoc they can wreak on your diet. Over the years, how to stop the late night cravings is one of the most frequently asked questions that I get.

The truth is that there are many ways that you can put an end to your late night cravings. Many women over 40 have been able to successfully overcome their urges and continue to lose weight. The key to reaching your goals is having a path to follow.

Late Night Cravings-Taking the first steps

The first step for women over 40 to stop the late night cravings is to figure out what their triggers are. Triggers are the things in your environment that immediately precede your urge to eat late at night. In order to continue to lose weight successfully, you need to take an inventory of your triggers.

So how do you figure out what your triggers are? One way that women over 40 have been able to identify their triggers is to have a notebook handy at all times during the evening. Over the next week, each time you find yourself munching on something late at night, write down what you were doing when the urge to eat hit you. Write down the activity, what you were feeling, and anything else that you feel may be important. The first step to overcoming your late night cravings is becoming aware of why you are eating.

Late Night Cravings-Changing Your Behaviors

Once you have completed your weeklong inventory, you need to sit down and analyze the data you have accumulated. Figure out what time you were most likely to eat late at night, what you were doing when the urge hit you, and how you felt at that time. Once you know these things, you can move on to developing a strategy to modify your behaviors so that you can change your late night eating habits.

How to Change the Behaviors That Trigger Your Late Night Cravings

This is the place that most people would tell you to stop eating late at night. Unfortunately, those people do not understand how hard it is to stop. Your late night cravings have developed over a long period, and it will take time to break those habits. By compiling the information on your triggers, you have already taken the first step to breaking your habit. The next step is taking actions that will help you turn those late night eating triggers, into something positive.

What you need to do is replace the eating with something else. If one of your triggers is running to the kitchen and grabbing a snack at the commercial break during your late night television watching, then you need to replace that behavior with a healthier one.

Late Night Cravings- Retrain Your Body and Mind

One thing that many women over 40 have used to stop them from dashing to the kitchen is crunches. Instead of heading for the kitchen, get down on the floor and do as many crunches as you can during the commercial break. It does not have to be crunches, it could be stretching, walking up and down the stairs, anything really. The point is to retrain your body and mind.

Right now, we are like Pavlov’s dogs. Once the commercial comes on, your mind is telling you that it is time to eat. What you need your mind to do is to tell your body that it is time to do something else. Habits are difficult to break. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to break a habit. So over the next 21 days do your best to replace your late night eating with a healthy activity.

Use the triggers you have found, and work towards changing the behavior that follows them from eating to something a bit more active. As you have probably already figured out, replacing junk food with exercise is going to help you lose weight.

Late night cravings can spell an end to you hopes to lose weight. Do not feel alone if you have difficulties breaking the habit. Many women over 40 share the same problems that you do when trying to lose weight. Late night cravings can be overcome, but it will take time and effort on your part to do so.

Remember, your weight loss goals are important to you, so if at first you find yourself cheating and skipping those crunches for a mad dash to the kitchen, do not give up. Your habit was not created in a day, and it will not be broken in a day. Keep trying and you can join the group of women over 40 that have successfully eliminated the late night cravings from their life.



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